Chad Raney


What people are saying about Chad Raney...
“betting against him would be a mistake”
“There's probably something that scares the hell out of Raney, but planning for growth and moving ahead aren't two of them.”
San Antonio Express News

“Applying what he had learned in a successful business career, Raney understood that the key to staying alive in e-business is not just discounts but service.”
Austin American Statesman

“If Chad Raney sets his mind on something, he perseveres until he has accomplished his mission.”
Four States Living Magazine

Winner 1997 Entrepreneurship Award by
Texas Governor George W. Bush
For CareChoice Home Medical Supply

Winner 2002 Entrepreneurship Award by
Texas Governor Rick Perry

What people are saying about LoneStarMusic...
“Voted Best Ecommerce Music Website”
- TechTV

“Nominated Best Music Website”

- SXSW Interactive Festival

“One of the Internet’s e-tailing success stories”

San Antonio Express News

Featured in
Wall Street Journal
People Magazine

San Antonio Express News
Austin American Stateman